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Board the yacht in Kemer (or Antalya); Board the yacht in Marmaris Board the Yacht in Marmaris;
day2.gif (1514 bytes) To Sazak Bay and Çavuş Limanı; To Delik Island and Ekincik To Kadırga Bay and Bozukkale (ancient Loryma);
day3.gif (1507 bytes) Excursion to Demre (ancient Myra). Overnight Gökkaya Bay; Around Cape Kurdoğlu   and into Manastır and Hamam Bays; To Yeşilova Bay and on to Bozburun;
day4.gif (1508 bytes) Past Kekova Island and on to Kaş; To Tersane and Yassica Islands - ending in Göcek To Palamut Bay, Kargı, Inceburun and overnight in Datça;
day5.gif (1499 bytes) Return to Kekova to see the Üçağız and Kale (ancient Simena). Overnight in Karaloz; To Fethiye and Ölüdeniz, overnight Gemiler Island or Beştaş Bay; To Aktur, Dişlice Island and Bencik;
day6.gif (1504 bytes) To Olympos; overnight in Port Ceneviz; From Dişibilmez/Baba Island  to Ekincik; Cruising the Gulf of Hisarönü, Overnight Agil Bükü;
day7.gif (1483 bytes) To Phaselis, Overnight in Ayışığı Bay;


To Inceada/Gebekilise and bays approaching Marmaris; To Serçe Limanı and Çiftlik or Marmaris;
day8.gif (1508 bytes) Disembark in Kemer (or Antalya) Disembark in Marmaris. Disembark in Marmaris;
  Highlights of the tour

Myra and the 4th cent. Church of St. Nicholas; the theatre and Lycian rock tombs,

Kekova Island and the sunken city

Kale Köy and the ruins of ancient Simena

Mount Olympos and "The Fire of the Chimeira"

Highlights of the tour

The delightful riverside town of Dalyan and the nearby ruins of ancient Caunos; a theatre, a Roman bathhouse, a Byzantine church and an acropolis

An opportunity to swim from İztuzu Beach.

Sightseeing in Fethiye (ancient Telmessos).

Swimming at Ölüdeniz (the inland sea).

An overland walk to the ruined Greek town of Kayaköy.

Shopping in the Marmaris Bazaar.

Highlights of the tour

Bozukkale (ancient Loryma) with the ruins of a Hellenistic fortress ashore.

Serçe Limanı, once the resting place of the "Glass Wreck" -the artifacts from which are now on display at Bodrum's Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Exploration of Marmaris - the old town and the busy bazaar.

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