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Board the yacht in Bodrum; Board the yacht in Marmaris; Board the Yacht in Marmaris; Board the yacht in Bodrum;
day2.gif (1514 bytes) To Kara Island and South to Mersincik; To Kadırga and Bozukkale (ancient Loryma); To Kadırga Bay and overnight in Bozukkale (ancient Loryma); To Gümüşlük via Gümbet, Bitez, Apat and Çatal Island;
day3.gif (1507 bytes) To Gerence Bay and overnight in Çatı; To the gulf of Yeşilova and Bozburun; To the Gulf of Yeşilova and overnight in Datça; To the Gulf of Güllük and Çukurcuk (near ancient Didyma);
day4.gif (1508 bytes) To Tuzla Bükü, Karacasöğüt and English Harbor; To Datça, Kargı Bay and Palamut Bükü; To Palamut Bükü, ancient Knidos and Mersincik; To Kuruerik Bükü, overnight in Akbük;
day5.gif (1499 bytes) To Sedir Island (ancient Cedrae) and Akbük; To Knidos, overnight in Mersincik; Long cruise to Bodrum; To Kazıklı, Çamlimanı and Kıyıkışlacık (ancient Lassos);
day6.gif (1504 bytes) To Çökertme Bay and Yıldız Island; To the Gulf of Gökova and Çökertme or Orak Island; To Yediadalar, overnight in Küfe Bay; To Lassos Gökliman and Salih Island;
day7.gif (1483 bytes) To Orak island, Çiftlik and either Bitez or Bodrum; To Karaada, Adaboğazı and Bodrum; To Sedir Island (ancient Cadrae). Overnight in English Harbor. To Yalıkavak via İkizadalar, Torba, Ilıca, Türkbükü and Gündoğan;
day8.gif (1508 bytes) Disembark in Bodrum. Disembark in Bodrum. Bodrum-Marmaris alternating with Marmaris - Bodrum Disembark in Karacasöğüt.
Marmaris-Karacasöğüt alternating with Karacasöğüt-Marmaris
Disembark in Bodrum.
  Highlights of the tour

The exciting night life of Bodrum, with its countless bars and restaurants.

Karacasöğüt's pretty village and close proximity to Marmaris (a half hour taxi drive away).

English Harbor - Where a group of W.W.II British Torpedo Boats are said to have taken refuge.

Highlights of the tour

Shopping and sight seeing inn both Marmaris and Bodrum.

The ancient city of Knidos's extensive ruins.

Ancient Loryma and the well-preserved ruins of an ancient citadel.

On this route, the Greek Islands of Cos, Rhonos and Symi may also be visited.

Highlights of the tour

The Marmaris Bazaar and old town.

Ancient Loryma and the ruins of a 14th century citadel.

Cape Crio and ancient Knidos- once home to most famous statue of Aphrodite ever sculptured.

Mersincik's crystal-clear waters.

Bodrum's non stop night life.

The storax forest at Küfre.

Cleopatra's Beach and the ruins of ancient Cadrae on Sedir Island.

Highlights of the tour

Cosmopolitan resort town of Bodrum.

Gümüşlük's natural harbor and the ruins of ancient Myndos.

An opportunity to visit the ruins of ancient Myndos.

An opportunity to visit the sites of Didyma, Milet and Priene from Çukurcuk.

The opportunity to visit the ruins of ancient Ephesus from Kuruerik Bükü.

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